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Copywriter Portfolio

Copywriter Portfolio

Over the last decade, I’ve written websites, articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, and much more, for over 30 different industries and for several Fortune 500 companies. Check out the samples I’ve displayed and see if they resonate with you and your project. If so, we may be a good match for one another but if not, I do whatever possible to assist and specialize in just what you need.

Website copywriting samples

The copywriting services I offer for website development include planning of site content, copywriting, editing, keyword usage and proofreading. I’ll work with you to find the absolute way to express what you want your site to say.
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Expert articles & editorial content

When you have an opportunity to publish an article in a trade publication or an authoritative website, you don’t want poor editorial skills to steal the spotlight from your message. Even if your articles are for primarily SEO purposes, you still need to consider the impression on your brand.
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Blog content samples

Your blog gives you the chance to show a more human side of your business, among other things. But too many blogs lose momentum and fail to capture the audience it needs to make a difference.
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Other media

Case studies, presentations, advertising, newsletters, press releases, brochures, catalogs, white papers, direct mail, technical writing.
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